Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sweet kisses

I finally met a guy I love to kiss!!

I remember when I was kissing Flyman, that I didn't really feel anything. I do think that he was a poor kisser though.  Then, in a yet untold story that happened with MC, I had kissed a lot with him and he liked my kissing a lot, but I didn't quite enjoy it.  On a side note, I had my first PDA with that guy.  We had kissed in my driveway ( so maybe a few neighbours saw us) and then we had spent a day together at a public event and we had kissed in front of many people.  But, I didn't "feel it", right?

I was left with the impression that kissing was not my thing.

Either I changed over time, or I met a guy that was "compatible" with me, kissing-wise.

Let's talk a bit about Marky :)

He is, to date, only the second guy I have kissed on a first date, and the first that I was not reluctant to do so. ( the first one was J and he had worked hard to have that kiss from me hahaha!).

We had spent the afternoon together on our first date and we had decided to extend the date by having dinner, then go see a movie, then go have a beer! That's quite an extension!  On a side note, he had put his hand on my thigh during the movie and while I was driving him home after the beer and he had me excited!  So the end of the date was imminent, I was parked and he was about to leave.  Since I wanted to show him that I had liked him, I gently tapped his thigh.  Nothing more was needed and he leaned towards me and kissed me.  I didn't even think of avoiding it ( like I had done a few times with the previous guy I had dated, and that I never felt like kissing him) and I let him.  It was really a small kiss,  didn't last more than a second I guess, but I liked it.

On our second, I actually had him over for dinner.  We then " french kissed" for the first time and I really enjoyed it (finally!!).  He even told me that I was a really good kisser.  I was shocked,since I know how unexperienced I am, so I said: " Are you sure of that statement?" I know, that's a really unsexy thing to ask hahahaha.  And he said it was true,that he loved how gentle I was.  Well, I will take evrything that comes by !!

During the following dates, we continued kissing and it is an activity that got me more excited every time.  Last weekend, a funny happenning occured,when we were kissing in the kitchen and that had gotten us really excited and we were wearing some quite tight pants.  When we stopped kissing to go to the living room and watch a movie, marky said that it really showed how he was excited.  I looked at my own pants and said that it was the same for me!!

So, really, it is an activity that I do enjoy and that brings "feelings down there" ;)

It is also a great addition when comes some more "naughty time" but that shall be the object of a future post!!

Finally, I had more PDA with Marky!  We actually kissed while waiting for a train in the subway station and we were surrounded by many strangers.  But it felt so good!!  I was not even shy to do it!!


  1. Congratulations! A kissing on the subway platform.... wow! That's a big deal!

  2. I am so happy for you, JF. This definitely comes under the heading: When the Right One Comes Along. Good luck! :)

  3. Finally! :) I'm glad things are going well, JF!

  4. I am glad you have discovered the lost art of kissing.

    I find kissing so very beautiful and incredibly sexy.