Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Would you have sex with yourself?

The other day, one of my gay friends asked me if I would have sex with myself.  I was totally surprised by the questions and I couldn't answer. I had never thought of that and I didn't feel like thinking about it hahah.

This morning, I happened (!) to see myself naked in the mirror and I thought I was quite sexy :). It made my day haha.  Later in the day, I remembered that question from my friend and I had my answer: YES!! I would definitely have sex with a guy like me :)  I like my hairy torso, my little belly, my bum and my general shape ( not to mention my private parts which I won't describe haha)

I was about to ask that question to my colleague and friend Vicky, when I realized that since she is not lesbian, she probably wouldn't have sex with a girl like herself!!

What about you guys and girls?

Monday, October 14, 2013

That was exciting!!

It finally happened!! I went in a gay bar with my brother!!  If you remember, a few months ago, I had written that I didn't know with whom to go in a gay bar for the first time.  destiny had me go for the first time during my trip in San Diego, then with some of the guys I dated.

But I still wanted a bonding moment with my brother.

After my first visit to a stripper bar, I got this idea that me and my brother could go together in a gay stripper and also in a straight stripper bar (with lady strippers lol).  You wouldn't be surprised to learn that I had never seen lady strippers.

2 sundays ago,   I finally asked my brother if he wanted to take part in that special brother's night out and he said yes.  I was so happy and excited and pumped!!  I couldn't wait to do it.  we had talked about the next friday or saturday, depending on his work schedule.  I have to say that this night out was what made me the happier during last week.  i couldn't help smiling and laughing thinking of it.

Came last Friday, and my brother told me it was best to go that night and it was perfect dor me cause I didn't want to wait another day lol.

So he came at my place and i drove us to Montreal.  It was a nice ride, we got to talk Bout some of the issues i have, trying to find a good guy to love.  He reassured me saying he sees some similar stuff in the straight world ( he actually isn't single, but he still hears and sees stuff happening!). It was definitely nice to be able to share these things so effortlessly and honestly with him.

Once we arrived in Montreal, he asked me if we were actually going to go in the gay village.  I said yes, cause why wouldn't the gay stripper club not be in the gay village!!  He diffenitely had a few funny questions like : is there a door that says you enter in the gay village, or do you have to be gay to live there.   it was so funny!!  I explained him that it was just a gathering of gay places and that it is not because there is a McDonald in it that everyone working there is gay.  also I him that you don't have to prove anything to anyone to live there hahahaha.

So we walked in the village for a bit and my brother could see that there's really nothing scary to see there for a staright guy lol.  The plan was actually to find the lady stripper bar first so we found one, but outside the village.  We entered there, ordered a beer and watch the show lol.  There were also some strippers walking by us and offering to talk or even being more direct like " Hey guys, does one of you want to come with me in my. office?!". i was so laughing at that one!!  I'm sure she does lots of serious business in her "office".  My brother was bothered by these girls cause he is really shy and he doesn't like to be bothered when he is sitting, drinking chatting and watching the show.   anyways, i got to see my first lady strippers.  It was ok, I didn't vomit or anything haha!  I'm not one to hate seeing naked girls, like other gay guys could be.

After having finished our beer, we got out and went to the gay stripper club YAY!!!!!  My brother didn't seem any scared or uneased to go there so I was really proud of him.  We entered and took seats in the middle of the "seating area" lol.  In retrospect, it was a bad choice, cause the strippers didn't come see us to offer their services.  It would have been so funny to see my brother being flirted by one of them.

We ordered a beer and watched the show haha!!  One thing I've noticed from my very few stripper clubs visits, is that guy strippers seem to have more fun on the stage than lady strippers.  i told that to my brother and he agreed.  My brother was actually surprised to see that the strippers were hard on the stage.  I did enjoy the show :) but my brother said he had no particular feeling hahaha.  I think we ended up being there longer than the other bar, so that was good for me haha.

After having finished our beer, we got out and even if it was not that late, we decided to go back home, because he has to get up early since he works on the farm.  But first i still wanted to enter a club i had been a few times, but i couldn't find it!!  So we simply went back to the car and i drove us back.  When he left my place to go back to his, I thanked him for that nice night and that I was really happy we did it.

Maybe next time we'll bring in my sister too hahah!! except she could be the only girl in the gay stripper bar, as I didn't see any during my few visits there.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My newest erotic and sexual dreams!

I had to go back to my previous post about it to find out when I last had them.  It was in february!  8 months later, I had 3 in 2 nights!!!  woof what's going on? hahaha

The first 2 were in the same morning last thursday.... between 5am and 8 am!

In the first one, I was with the "infamous" J.  So it was actually the first dream I had with a gay guy I know and as a matter of fact that I have dated and had feelings for.  the only thing I remember from that dream is that we were 69ing in a position that is clearly impossible in real life. Dreams hahah!!!

In the second one, i was on bed with another unknown guy.  He was naked and was showing me his butt.  The dream was too short, so the only thing that happened is that I was playing with his "rear parts" ( trying not to be too vulgar here!!)

I was already amazed to have had these 2 dreams in the same morning!  The next morning, i had another one!  In that dream, i was in a bar with a guy I've been chatting with this week.  he didn't look like the guy at all but it was him nonethelesse!!  He was all over me....  pulling his pants down and showing me his hardware and sitting on me.  I was a bit embarassed in the dream and I was trying to escape him haha... even if I was excited by him.

I didn't have a dream that i could remember of this morning, but it's all good haha.