Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm just normal

Like I said in the last post I was cheered up by my lil big gay bro when I was once again being too hard on myself fro very rapidly developping a crush on the guy I had skyped with.

He basically told me the story of another guy who had lived something similar in the past, but on a much slower pace LOL.  Like me, he had just intended to chat with a few guys. But, for one guy, things changed.  At first they were just writing to each other and he wanted to see him. The other was reluctant at first, but the guy convinced him that it was just chat and that it wouldn't go too far.  But, hearts have their own way as they say, and both guys began to care and think just a bit too much about the other one.

My friend explained to me that to get out of this situation, the guy focused on "real life" and try to meet guys for real and establish a connection with them.  He still talks to that other guy (if I remember correctly), but it is more distant.

My friend told me that it happens to many people and that I shouldn't feel like I'm crazy if it happens to me.  Just chill out and try to focus on guys closer to me. 

I feel like I am not giving many details, but it seems like the long discussion we had has quickly vanished from my memory, but I remember the essential.

But I want to reassure everyone. I do want to meet other guys for real and try to build something with them (friendship or long-term).  I just don't want to stop chatting with guys from all over the world because of that.  I just need to realize when things may be directed in a way that I don't want to go.  And I think that this is what I did, the problem is that I was pissed that it would happen for someone too far instead of someone closer.


  1. Hey JF. I wouldn't worry too much about it, it's easy to let your heart get ahead of your head. I think your little bro is right though, focus on those close and don't stress so much,hon, you'll find him. xo

  2. haha just wondering is shell a lady?? (sorry if you're not)

    JF!!!! keep yo head up. you write in such a cute and sincere way, someone will soon realize what a genuine person u are!

    1. LOL! Hey Kenn-do. Yeah, I'm a lady!

    2. Kenn-do, meet Shell, Shell, meet Kenn-do :)