Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Would you have sex with yourself?

The other day, one of my gay friends asked me if I would have sex with myself.  I was totally surprised by the questions and I couldn't answer. I had never thought of that and I didn't feel like thinking about it hahah.

This morning, I happened (!) to see myself naked in the mirror and I thought I was quite sexy :). It made my day haha.  Later in the day, I remembered that question from my friend and I had my answer: YES!! I would definitely have sex with a guy like me :)  I like my hairy torso, my little belly, my bum and my general shape ( not to mention my private parts which I won't describe haha)

I was about to ask that question to my colleague and friend Vicky, when I realized that since she is not lesbian, she probably wouldn't have sex with a girl like herself!!

What about you guys and girls?


  1. You'd better believe it.... I'd love to have sex with someone who was physically like me. I'm hot!....(for a 50 year old worn-out old man) lol

    I'd even go farther than that; I'd like my boyfriend and future husband to be like me as well, not just physically but in his attitude towards life.

  2. I have sex with (by?) myself almost every evening.

  3. Haha! I'd totally do me! :D

  4. I think I have a great body, especially for someone who doesn't workout regularly, I'm naturally slim. But, I'm not crazy about my face. I'd have sex with someone that was my body type, but not someone that looked like me...

  5. This is a good question. The answer for everyone should be yes. If the answer is "no" it should be a motivation for change.