Saturday, July 20, 2013

Confusion with mixed dating sites

As you probably all know, there are mixed (straight and gay) dating sites as well as "specialized" (for lack of a better term!!)

When I create a profile on a mixed site, I specify that I am a man seeking for another man.

So how am I suggested to talk to girls or straight guys?? And to make thing worst, sometimes it is nit even written what the suggested person is looking for.... so I end up not knowing if the guy is straight or gay....  As if life was not already not complicated enough lol!!!

I don't know... is it because these straight girls have mistakenly identified as men and that these straight guys have mistakenky specified they were seeking for men??  Or is it the dating site that really sucks at "classifying" their "customers!?!?

Oh well..... have a great week end!!

PS sorry for the lack of entries... I've been lazy but I promise I'll catch up.


  1. hahaha! how thoroughly confusing! well i guess it wouldn't hurt if you think the guy is cute to just shoot him a message saying 'har har funny story but i was 'suggested' to talk to you, but i don't even know if you're gay!' if he isn't, he'll probably reply with a 'i'm straight' or if he is he'll probably reply a 'oHAYYY GURLLLL' i kid i kid

  2. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out this little problem!
    I'm on one of those "mixed" sites and it works just fine. In the search section, you can select: I am a MAN seeking a .... and then you choose either MAN or WOMAN.

    By the way, I get many (most, in fact) messages from men who have listed on their profiles: MAN seeking a WOMAN, but they are cruising me for gay sex.

    These are closeted or bi-curious men who want to conceal to anyone who might be looking at their profiles that they are experimenting with men. And that makes perfect sense to me.... sent these "straight" or bi-curious my way!

  3. Thats what I'm saying buddy bear. Even with these criterias selected, there are "slips"!!