Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Please give me feedback on this

Guys, girls, please fulfill my attention whoreness!!

Ok, what do you think is happenning if I get hard when I start talking on phone with a (my?) man, even if it is not a sexual discussion at all!?

I have an idea of what's happening, but I want your opinion... I can't really talk about that to anyone in "real life".


  1. I think anytime we're in a situation where we're turned on by the person, or where there's the potential to be turned on, we can have a sexual response.

    It's nice to be talking to someone we're really interested in and I think it just stirs up our sexual energy, whether the convo is sexual in nature or not.

  2. I agree! It doesn't matter what you're talking about.... you (and your subconscious brain) are really, really turned on by him!

    Having spontaneous erections is a good thing; trust me!

  3. Having spontaneous erections is a good thing; trust me!"

    (X) Like

  4. I agree, it sounds like an attraction/excitement/anticipation response. Just don't take calls with your mom in the room. :)

    1. LOL! Loved your last sentence. Because while I mostly agree with Buddy Bear about spontaneous erections being a good thing, I also believe there are moments when they can be embarrassing and/or inconvenient.

      (Isn't there a line from "A Chorus Line" where one of the dancers talks about when he was a kid and saw a yellow school bus?)

  5. I don't know what you're talking about I'm hard 24/7 need to find a way to literally calm my boner

  6. I agree with what Matty and everyone else said. :)

  7. Actually, I think your penis is jealous of the guy with whom you are talking and getting hard is its way of telling you it wants your undivided attention.