Sunday, July 14, 2013

Meeting a normal gay couple for the first time

I spent yesterday evening with a couple of gays just a bit older than me who live like 5 minutes from me by bike ( I went at their place by bike).  I met them this winter when I went at the "sugar shack" activity with the local LGBT group.  One of the guys had found me on facebook and we were saying hi once in a while.  The guy had been asking if I wanted to do somethin ( not sexually!!) with them and I had said sure.

Yesterday, during dinner, I saw that he was online on facebook and I thought I could ask them.  I did and they said sure!!  So I went there after dinner and we spent the evening chit chatting on their backyard deck.  It lasted a bit more than 2 hours and it was a really nice evening.  What I liked the most is how they just seem so normal hahahah.  I had met a couple of gay guys back when I was with Flyman.  But they were not people I would have liked to hang around with.  They were way too superficial for me.  

I'm happy to know these guys.  One of them is more shy and less inclined to do sports, but the other one is more "social" and ge would like me to initiate him to alpine skiing next winter.  Yay!!  I haven't had a skiing buddy for a few years, so if he likes it I may have found pne!!

Today I'm going at an uncle's as he invited all the family to father in and around the pool, as it is so hot!!!

Hopefully many of my cousins will be there so we could play, laugh and have a good time all around!!!

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  1. It's very important to widen your circle of gay friends. Excellent!