Saturday, June 2, 2012

So I begin

I'm looking for something like this

Hello everyone,
My name is JF and, as the picture above indicates, I'm gay.  Well, if I want to be true to some definitions, I'm bisexual, but I'm really more attracted to guys than to girls.  So I will more than often describe myself as being gay.

So I decided to start this blog for a few reasons. First of all, I have begun to come out and reading the blogs of other gays or bisexual really helped me to feel good about myself.  So I thought that if I can add my own experience to the blogosphere, it could also help some people out.  The blogs that I read were mostly of people of less than 25 years-old or some older guys talking about their various gay experiences.  I'm 30 and I never had any gay experience so far.  So I think that my blog will be somewhat different and that my perceptions could be different than the other bloggers.  So if some guys are like me and think that they're alone, they'll see that there's at least one like them (I actually hope there's at least one like me!!)

The second reason is that I realized that there is a lot of support and comprehension among gay bloggers and blog readers.  I don't really know some gay people, so it is not something that I can discuss and share.  I have been told that it could help me if I could discuss gay stuff with other gays.  So I think that doing this blog is a good step.

The upcoming posts, I will be telling my story so far, but after that, I'll try to talk about many gay-related issues.  I'll of course share what's happening in my journey "Going forward".  I thought that this was my perfect blog name because when I decided to accept myself as gay(bisexual), and to come out, it was because I had enough of the status quo and that I needed to go forward.

Oh yeah, please forgive me if some of my sentences don't make any sense. English is my second language, my first being French.  I write to the best of my knowledge, but some weird stuff could happen!  I may even create this blog in french, to help my fellow frenchmates out!

So welcome to my blog and feel free to comment, I don't bite!


  1. I just want to be the first to welcome you to the blog world. Most importantly, to say "Thank you" for the courage to share your experience with others in hopes that your example and help others along their paths. Like you, I am also in my early 30s and it has taken me this long to come to terms with my sexuality. To full accept who I am and to realize that by acceptance, I am NOT a bad person. I am NOT "broken" and need fixing. I wish you the best on your journey and look forward to reading about you as you are "going forward" in your life.

    1. Thank you, your welcome is very appreciated, so positive! I hope life is good for you!! I will soon post some more stuff.

  2. Hey JF,

    Great first post man! Look forward to your future posts and yes you will find a lot of support by your bloggers. I added your link to my blog so others can check it out.


    1. Hey GDUSA, that's great thanks a lot!!

  3. Welcome JF. Good that you've decided to start a blog. GDUSA is right; you will find a lot of support. Plus its really fun.

    Looking forward to more!

  4. Welcome JF, I hope you get a lot out of blogging!

  5. Just discovered your blog and am enjoying your story so far! Welcome!