Monday, March 25, 2013

From dating to friend?

When I was dating Flyman, I always assured him that if it didn't work out between us, we would stay friends.  I truly meant that.

However, after "breaking up" with him, I found myself in new waters again.  I had some difficulty to deal with that new form of relationship with him.  Of course what didn't help was the health worries.  Even if I had hoped we would continue skyping, we didn't video at all between the breakup and the visit at the clinic where we learned he was clean.  That was a 3-week hiatus.  We did chat by text only, but it was less...  friendly.

A few times he asked if we could meet, but I always declined.  We met for the first time after the break up the day we went at the clinic.  It was good seeing him and I think I was coming back to being friendly with him.

A week or two later he suggested to meet and I agreed.  However, some shit happened and I was not in the mood so I cancelled.

But over the weekend, I myself suggested to meet as friends during the week.  Sadly our schedules were incompatible.  We also videoskyped for the first time since the breakup, so I think that I'm on the right path to develop friendship with Flyman. (I don't think it is any problem for him though hahaha)

As a not totally unrelated sidenote...  my openness to develop a friendship with Flyman seems to coincide with my willingness to start dating again..... hmmmmmmm :-P


  1. There's no reason you can't be friends. It was an amicable breakup.

  2. I've been told by an experienced gay guy that it is quite common for gay men to become good friends with their ex-boyfriends. (I haven't experienced this yet.) Good for you for trying!