Friday, March 29, 2013

Special day

I woke up 1 year older this morning!  Yay and I'm off work because of Good Friday!!  And this also happens to be my 100th post!!!!

Celebration!!!!! Hahahaha!!!!

I just thought I would share some nice things with you for this special day.
They are pics I have taken on various trips.  Yes, I love mountains, water, the sun and awesome landscapes.

If you want you can try to guess where they were taken :)   Some are easy, others less !


  1. Happy birthday, JF. Mine was last Saturday, the 23rd. All the photos are magnificent. Hope you will tell us the locations. I was especially taken with #3. Thanks.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ol' man!

    You really are an excellent photographer! That was a very enjoyable slide show!

  3. Beautiful pictures and Happy Birthday

  4. Happy birthday! The pictures are great! I think that some of them are taken in the interior of BC.

  5. Happy birthday - finally!! And look at you - 100 posts. Congratulations!

    I have no idea where the pictures were taken, but I love 10 and 11.

  6. Happy belated birthday, JF! I hope you are having a fun birthday weekend. Your pics are gorgeous. It's raining here, and they put me in a good mood - thanks!

  7. Thanks everyone!! The pics were taken in Québec (4-5-6-7), Ontario (8-9), Utah (10-11-12-13-14) and California (1-2-3)