Saturday, March 23, 2013

My lil big gay bro

I've talked often about that chat room I visit regularly.  I've made friends with some of the guys in there.  There is one guy in particular that I have come to talk about everything and anything in a very "crude" way (and by that I mean that I didn't censor).  He has been able to give me advice at times, make me laugh when I needed it, listened when I needed to take something off my chest...  Lately we've talked about dating and trying to find a guy.  I was in a bit of a down yesterday and he helped me to shake the negative mood.

He told me he looked at me as his "lil gay bro, even if you're older than me".  I thought he was quite accurate!!  I'm older than he is, yet he has much more experience in many "relationships/dating" fields.  And I realized that I kinda look up to him in these fields as well.  So since he's kind of a bigger brother to me even if he's younger, I now call him my lil big gay bro!!

It reminded me of a very funny tumblr I have seen:  Adventures in Gay.  It's a daily cartoon of the adventures of a guy who "started his gay life".  One of the characters is the "goach" (gay coach) of the main character.  My lil big gay bro could be considered as being my goach, so it made me laugh and I told him and he just loves that tumblr as well!

Anyways, I may just have met a new guy on gay411...  let's see what happens next :)


  1. You're very lucky to have a gay mentor. I've learned a bit here and there from more experienced gay guys but I don't have a regular mentor guiding me along in my journey.

    I LOVE the Adventures in Gay cartoons and will use them in my blog! I laughed my head off!!

    1. Buddy, I wouldn't say he is my mentor, he's just helping me along the way, just like a big brother :) I don't know if you are referring to sexual advice, but it is not the case (yet??) because we met after I stopped doing anything sexual with Flyman.

  2. I have nothing valuable to contribute - just thought I'd drop in to say hi to the attention whore. I'm still here. :)