Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A survey: What do we like about men?

I often wonder if straight girls like men the same way gay guys do.

If there was a list of the 5 things straight girls and gay guys like best about men, would the lists be the same?

I'd like the most people to comment on this post and tell me what they like about men.  Come on, it's your time to open up :)  Don't be shy :)


  1. Assuming you mean one gender vs the other in general…

    Five things I like about men - masculinity, external plumbing, unshaved legs, firm chests (as opposed to soft boobs) and deeper voices. I focused on physical traits because personality traits overlap greatly between the genders.

  2. Straight girl here - strong hands, stubble (on their face - girls get it in other places LOL), taller than me (which is not that difficult to achieve), treasure trails, they don't, as a rule, want to talk about "feelings" all the time - except my ex - gawd that didn't work for me.

  3. What a great question... and I really had to think about it! I was married to a woman for 21 years and I found it a constant emotional roller coaster. Never again!!

    Physical Traits I like in a man:
    -his cock and balls and how they look in pants, shorts and swimwear
    -muscles ... chest, thighs especially
    -broad shoulders
    -body hair: on chest, treasure trail, legs and facial stubble
    -his tight, voluptuous ass... not dimpled with cellulite

    Behavioural Traits I like in men:
    -testosterone-fuelled sex drive ... it's at the root of everything he does.
    -as Tam said, men don't want to talk about "feelings" all the time
    -having sex for just the physical pleasure, leaving emotions, "what will he think of me in the morning" out of it.
    -men are more fun, reckless and youthful in their attitudes.
    -less depressed or prone to giving you "the silent treatment" or other forms of emotional blackmail.

  4. I feel like this question is harder for me to answer than it should be. I've been sitting here five minutes going hmmm and almost everything I come up with can be true for both genders. Perhaps that's why I'm bi. I would like to say obviously Buddy Bear hasn't dated anyone like my husband because holy shit that man can silent treatment like no one else I know. Half the time he's silent I didn't even know we were fighting! I'm a bit slow on the uptake though, I suppose. So, ok things I like that are unique to men: stronger/bigger arms, broad back, feeling of safety when you're with them and "external plumbing" as Max so eloquently put it (lmao! Too funny, Max).


    1. Sorry, for making assumptions about men not giving "The Silent Treatment!" My ex-wife was the master at it and I've vowed never to do that to anyone, ever. It just creates a poisonous atmosphere where a little open communication might just fix things up!

    2. Oh no worries! I just know from experience men can do it too. My husband is a master as well! At least I'm pretty laid back and I try not to want to peg him in the head with a football or something when he does it! Thus far I've refrained. Go me! :D

      I agree though, communication can fix things and it's so much easier.


    3. Peace, guys and gals, peace :P

  5. feet - I'm not creepy, men just have beautiful feet. It's possible I enjoy flip flops more than I should.

    big hands

    the walk - also the way men sit, play sports, get undressed...

    body hair - Although I don't know how you guys can stand not shaving your armpits. It's sexy, but how do you get your deodorant on right?

    giant, low-hangers - For a split second I considered lying about this one. But then I remembered that men don't apologize for the things they like and women shouldn't have to either. These aren't a prequisite for being handsome or anything, they're just fantastic.

    Quid pro quo, JF. I can't wait to hear what's bouncing around in your brain! :)

    1. What's that question about deodorant!?!? That cracked me up!!

      What I have in the brain will soon be revealed, Ann Marie, just be patient :)

  6. 1. A nice penis
    2. The smell.
    3. A nice, firm butt.
    4. Strong hands.
    5. A nice set of pecs.

    1. Ohhh... as I wrote on a previous post, I said that I thought I had a nice butt, except it's not as firm as you like them!! :P

    2. As I recall, I never got to see your butt, so I'm still unsure as to whether I'd find it to my liking. ;-)

  7. It's interesting that some people only listed physical traits.

    I'm largely ignorant about transgendered people, especially FTM. Is it possible to transition completely, including a functional penis? I have no idea. But, I do know that I have yet to see a picture of a FTM person that got my blood flowing. Usually I 'see' a woman with a beard, not a man, and as such, the natural attraction just isn't there.

    This is my assbackwards way of saying that attraction isn't just physical for me, there are definitely some ingrained psychological aspects to it, such as the ones Buddy Bear mentioned. Men have a certain 'maleness' that a woman can never have, even with the right hormones. Inner masculine strength (often called 'confidence' on dating sites) is critical. It's much more important than how much a guy can bench-press.

    Physically, I'm an abs guy. I especially drool over very well defined obliques. But only on men. Women with defined abs and obliques are not attractive. Bare pecs? Yum. Bare breasts? Rarely. Yet partially covered breasts of just the right size are hotter than nice pecs covered by a shirt. Women and men smell differently but both smells can be very appealing. Beautiful eyes on either gender. A "good" head of hair on men.

    I realize that I'm weird because penises don't matter that much to me. If I had a choice I'd prefer a classic "pretty" cut one but mostly I don't care. The other aspects of a guy that I've mentioned are more attractive to me.

    Great question JF!

    1. Very interesting stuff! thank you for sharing!

  8. Hard to say exactly. It's not necessarily one thing in particular. Rather it is the composition of the male form, physique as well as those traits commonly associated with men. However, a winning smile and nice eyes is a one-two punch that always makes me weak in the knees.

  9. Being as I am divorced from a woman, I have a few things:

    1. Simplicity (most of the time) We know what we want and we go for it

    2. Confidence or "Swagg", if you will.

    3. Strength and/or aggressiveness. There's nothing like a hot encounter when it's all about animal instinct.

    4. The smell

    I could go on for days on the subject :) Cool blog by the way


  10. You know I sat here thinking for about 10 minutes and reading the comments.

    Physical traits

    1. Eyes- I love a man's eyes and well a woman's too. Guess it's the emotions inside the persons eyes that make me love eyes so much.
    2. Slight body hair on a man. I hate facial hair though. (I think this has to do with some personal things but eh.)
    3. Has nice facial features.

    Other traits.
    1. Voice- I love voices either male or female. Makes me shiver. (I guess that would be physical don't know.)
    2. Accent- Guess this might go with voice but the reason is I just really love anyone's accents.
    3. If they can make me smile, laugh, let me be myself, if they accept me. Major points there.
    4. If they try to protect you even though you fight them every bit of the way. (I want to strangle the man I love because he's trying to freaking protect me from him at this point in time. Does that make me love him any less? Nope makes me fight for him more and makes me want him more. Matter of fact makes me want to jump his damn bones.)
    5. Kindness- If a man is kind but also firm and rough a little bit I like that.
    6. Care- The care a man or woman shows to you. A woman however shows it differently than a man. I lean more towards how a man treats me because that's exactly what I need. Sometimes I need a woman's care though.

    Oh and if you couldn't guess yeah I'm Bi. Some traits don't apply to the woman side of my likes but mm some do hehe.

    Oh and nice blog so glad Matty and Brad posted about your blog.