Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby steps

I did send a message the other day to a guy on OKCupid.  But he hasn't replied.  It's his miss :)

Yesterday, another guy wrote me a very short message.  I just replied to him this morning.  I'll see where it leads.

I'm also considering getting a profile on another site which has a good number of guys in my area.  I haven't seen any guy from my region on OKCupid.

Baby steps indeed :)


  1. It's his miss :)

    That's an excellent perspective. Stick with it.

    One thing to remember: A lot of guys go to online sites to hookup. Some sites -- including a couple I'm on -- are almost exclusively hookup sites in practice, despite the site owners' claims that it's a dating site too. So try to keep that in mind. If you're looking for (or are at least open to) hookups, they can be okay sites. If you're not, though, they can get frustrating quite quickly.

    1. We'll I'm not putting all my hopes in there. If the guys dont want the same as me, I just won't go further. I'm also interested in making friends.

  2. Good on you for putting yourself out there. I made an OKcupid account, then promptly deleted it out of fear *facepalm*. Then I gave myself a lecture and I'm back on! I hope you find what you're looking for!