Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fishing in a bar?

Hey! I can't believe it has been almost a week since my last post!  I should write stuff as it happens, cause I end up forgetting about things I want to talk about.

Anyways, sometimes it's funny how things all tend in one direction.  This past Friday, I was thinking that I should go in the only local gay bar.  I don't have a good image of gay bars (rightly so or not) but I suppose it is mandatory for me to go at least once in the local gay bar.  So I was thinking that I wouldn't want to go alone.  I thought maybe I could ask my brother, maybe my best friend Jack or maybe Candy.  She likes gays so much I'm sure she would accept my invitation. 

Friday night I was reading my emails and I had a comment from Girl Tuesday on my latest post asking if I could go in a gay bar.  So the answer is yes.  It was really funny when I read her comment cause I had been thinking about that during the day.  This subject had to be my next post!! It was a sign !!  I love it when my readers have an impact on my following posts!! 

About the local bar, I wonder if there are lots of guys going there....  I guess enough to have kept the bar running for more than 10 years.  I just hope it is not the same 5 regulars.  Anyways there is only one way for me to find out. 

Yesterday night I also tried to find if there were other gay bars in the nearby cities, but I didn't find any!  If it's not the one in my town, I have to go too far for my liking!!

Anyways, there is more developments to come in a future post because yesterday night I also got an account on a gay dating site that litterally has lots of guys from my region on it :)  I finally found where they all are haha!!


  1. Gay bars are just as diverse as gay people, really. We have three gay bars (plus a nightclub that no longer classifies itself as a "gay club," yet has drag shows and plenty of LGBT people still go there) and they're all different.

    If nothing else, I'd recommend getting to know a couple of the bartenders that work there. They can give you the skinny on what the bar's like, when the place is the busiest (for example, if you want to meet a lot of people at Home Bar, you go after 11pm. If you just want to have a quiet drink with ten people or less, you go in at happy hour), events the bar might be sponsoring, or even just other happenings in the community that may be of interest.

    I also feel that maybe I should offer a word of caution: Some gay bars have this weird tendency of hiring heterosexual bartenders, especially ones that get very flirty....;)

    1. thanks!! what is happening with you? You don't blog anymore!

  2. I've been dealing with a number of personal issues over the past month or so that has kept my attention elsewhere.

  3. Oh my! Gay bars, gay dating sites - you'll find a man in no time, JF! :)