Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New waters

I had an interesting comment from SnowRider on one of my posts:

Are you looking to get married from your first date or date a couple of guys and have fun and enjoy the experience and fun times. I"m not sure of your situation, but it seems as if you're really serious about finding mister right right now......perhaps you should go out and have fun without thinking about china patterns. just my opinion thought. good luck!

Well, there are two opposites ends:  Find the right guy and wait to marry him before having sex with him; and fuck every guy's ass I meet.  I'm nowhere near any of these ends.  I'm floating somewhere in between them. 

There are certainly things I have expressed on this blog that I dont feel the same anymore as when I wrote them.  There are certainly other things that I have wrote that I haven't changed my mind about just yet.

Sometimes I really feel like a teenager in a man's body.  I have so many things going through my mind at any time of the day concerning the things that are happening to me. I do share a lot of them with you, it gives you quite a good idea of what I'm living.  But there are lots of things that don't make "the cut" !!  I tell you that just to explain that I suppose this is what a teenager feels like when he begins to discover who he is, what he likes, what he wants  etc... Except I'm not a teenager anymore!

I'm at a very interesting, confusing and sometimes scary place.  About everything I am experiencing is new to me.  I try to stay true to myself and one thing that is very important for me is to not play with other people's feelings.  That explains often why I take things slowly with Flyman.  It can be challenging since I am sometimes lost at see, so I try my best.

So, for now, my answer to SnowRider is:  I will have fun with guy(s) before marrying (if I ever do).  I'm not a Saint!!  However I don't want to have random sex.  There are certainly things that I am taking slower now than I will in a few months.  But, I go at my rythm and thankfully, Flyman helps me along the way.  I don't know what the future holds for me, but I try to live the present moment and to enjoy my journey.  And I also allow myself to change my mind about various things, because in these new waters, I can't take anything for granted!


  1. You have to be what you are and do what you are comfortable with. Don't rush yourself. when the time and the person are right, whether it be for casual sex or something more, you will know it. Go with your gut and don' let anyone else push you.

  2. These are beautiful remarks, JF. Hold to your true feelings and always do what is right for you regardless of outside pressures. That is the road to real and lasting happiness.

  3. Sometimes I really feel like a teenager in a man's body.

    I can totally identify with this. I went through a similar feeling in my twenties.

    ...and one thing that is very important for me is to not play with other people's feelings.

    While that's a reasonable and worthwhile goal, I would advise some caution with this one. Exploring a relationship and then deciding that it's not working is not "playing with other people's feelings." That's how relationships work. Playing with other people's feelings involves deception. Like telling someone you love them just to get them into bed. Or it otherwise involves manipulation.

    1. Thanks Colorful, you are right. I am willing to explore things, but not manipulate people. Thanks for your insight.