Sunday, April 7, 2013

1 guy, 2 guys, 3 guys

A few weeks ago I started looking again on a dating site to try to meet a (some) guy(s). 

High school guy

I noticed a guy had been checking my profile regularly. I checked his profile even if he lived a bit far form me.  The guy seemed nice and was cute as well.  He reminded me a bit of a guy from high school, but I didn't think it could be him.  I decided to send him a "Hi", since he seemed interested in me.  He replied and asked if I remembered him.  I thought it could then be the guy from high school, but I replied with a little lie, saying no, and asking him who he is.  He said that we had been to high school together.  We ended up remembering each other who we were, even if I don't think we ever talked to gether while in high school.

It was nice to be chatting with a guy and that we actually had something to base our discusison on.  We didn't happen to be online at the same time a lot, so all what I said above happened in the span of a week or maybe a little less.

Syrup guy

2 saturdays ago we had an activity planned with the LGBT group.  We were going to a place where they serve lots of food traditionnally associated with maple syrup.  I sat beside a guy that had come only once to our meetings before that.  I got to talk a bit with him and I thought he could be an interesting guy.  I didn't hit on him (bad habit!!) and I hoped that he would come back soon to our meetings.  However, somehow I think that my mind remembered seeing him somewhere else and when I was back from the activity, I found him on the dating site.

The day after, he sent me a message (he had seen I had checked his profile).  So we started chatting and it was nice to start chatting with another guy with whom I had a bit of a background.

The cook

Last weekend I noticed a guy not leaving too far away had been checking my profile.  I looked at his profile and he seemed interesting.  I thought we had many interests in common.  He ended up being the first to send me a message.  We chatted a bit over saturday and sunday and we agreed on meeting on the next friday.  We chatted sporadically over the week and I was really looking forward to our date.


  1. Mmmm. Any guy who can eat a plate of pancakes and oreilles de crisse and anything else edible smothered in maple syrup might be a keeper. :-) And of course maple taffy on a stick.

    Sounds like you're having fun, which it should be all about. Meeting new people is never a bad thing.

  2. Sounds promising. Now quit being a tease and tell us about the cook! :)

  3. Glad to see you're getting out there, meeting guys, and starting to have some fun. This is how it should be. Good luck!