Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In the grand scheme of dating...

I know myself!!  I knew Sunday night that I needed to be down for a while and that after a good night sleep I would feel better.

Well, Monday morning, I felt better, but was still a bit confused about it all.  Luckily, at work, Candy came to see me and ask details about my date.  I told her that it had went well, but that The cook wouldn't answer to my messages anymore.  She helped me feel better by saying lots of stupid things and after that I really felt good for the rest of the day.  She kinda mentionned that The cook was probably just waiting a bit before answering, but letting me wait.  If he was to reply or not, I still felt a lot better and was ready to move on to other guys.

Back home, I had a surprise: He had answered!!  In the same message he replied to both of my messages and he said that he had had a nice time as well. 

I took my time to reply, I answered him the next evening, on Tuesday.

I realized by reading The Colorful one's comment and Buddy Bear's comment, as well as Candy's comments and other blogs, that it is very frequent for guys (or girls) to not answer instantly, let a discussion go slower before picking it up, meeting different guys at the same time and wait for one to develop into something more etc...

I now understand that all this is part of the great dating scheme.  I can't say I don't find it stupid to wait to talk to another guy when you actually wish to get to know someone enough to be able to build a relationship.  But, I have to do what I have to do.

So, I will be patient, have many lines in the lake, have some shake often or less often....

In the meantime, I got back to High School guy and he did reply.  I also contacted 2 new guys and one of them has replied so we have exchanged a few short messages.  Hopefully it will pick up a bit!!  I will also write to Syrup guy pretty soon asking if he comes to the next LGBT meeting (bowling time!).

Fishing... hmmmm... I mean..... Dating is on!


  1. This is funny, because this is sort of similar to what I'm going through right now with a couple guys.

  2. I can't say I don't find it stupid to wait to talk to another guy when you actually wish to get to know someone enough to be able to build a relationship.

    Yes, but doing so takes vulnerability. And to many guys, being too quick or anxious to make that next contact involves too much vulnerability. That's something a lot of guys aren't prepared to do right away. Plus, being too eager or too quick can also be an invitation to some guys who would use, take advantage of, or abuse you. So guys who have actually experienced that are also more likely to be extra cautious.

    In many ways, you seem quite fearless. That's a great thing for you. But you might need to keep in mind that a lot of other people struggle with fear quite a bit. ;)

    At any rate, I'm glad you're still talking with some of these guys and making new connections as well.

  3. Enjoy the fishing, JF! :D