Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Some guys and girls are very very concerned about being beautiful.

I admit that I did question myself in the past, wondering how pretty I was.  Wondering if I was pretty enough to have someone love me.  But soon enough, I looked around, and realized that some guys who I would consider were "uglier" than me had girlfriends.  So I knew there had to be something else than physical appearance.

I realized that attitude and sex appeal could be that something else.  And to have that, you need to have confidence in yourself.

About confidence, I am confident in many aspects of my life, but less in some emotional aspects....  But I think I can still do pretty good :)

And we all know physical beauty is far from being everything.  I thought about it today.  I came with 2 "observations".

-- It's not about how good looking you are, it's about how you make the other one feel.

-- Being pretty is one of the best ways to attract someone. Making him feel good is the best way to make him stay.
I believe everyone can be loved.  But, for some people, the road is just a bit harder sometimes.


  1. The hottest encounter I've had, by far, was with a young man who was a bit chubby and a big goofy-looking. Red hair, jug-ears, big lips. But he was the most sensual, aggressive "Alpha-male" I've been with. So hot!!

    And one of the worst encounters I've ever had was with an aspiring model with 8-pack abs. He was totally passive. He just lay there like a dead fish without making a sound while I worked my magic on him ... and made no move to repriprocate.

    I loved the "how you make him feel" line... I think it will be my new mantra!

    1. I should have expected you would recall some of your hookups :). thanks for the comment!!

    2. oh and about making him feel special... I didn't mainly think in a sexual way lol

  2. I think we all have a bit of confidence issues when it comes to emotions. Emotions are raw and follow no logic. It would make sense.

  3. I agree with what you are saying. What is on the inside is far more important. HOWEVER, it seems with gays that you have to be attractive for them to even GIVE YOU THE CHANCE to make them fee special.

    1. I also understand what you mean, this is why I said that for some the road is tougher, sadly