Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gay friends and more online dating adventures

I have not written for more than a week! What a shame!
The matter of the mact is that I have thought probably everyday to post something, but I think I've become lazy haha!!  I do have post subjects that pop up in my mind regularly (even in the middle of the night).

But since it is already late, let's just go with a quick post about gay friends.

I believe I have already expressed that I think it is a really cool thing for a gay guy to have other gay friends.  Apart from friends online, I don't have gay friends.  Well, I didn't have.

Drum rolls.......

I had my first "friend date" with Flyman last Saturday.  We were both bored and we started chatting on Skype and we decided to meet the same night.  He actually has a new boyfriend which he loves, but he was away for the night!!  I asked Flyman if it was ok for everyone that we would see each other.  He texted his bf and he said it was ok!

We stayed together for about 2 hours. The time to go rent a movie and watch a movie.  We had a really pleasant time.  I'm glad we did it and I certainly hope we can meet again.  And I would also like to meet his boyfriend, if everone is ok with that!!

Yesterday, on the dating site I have also written to 2 couples who said they were looking to make new friends.  Now if what they want is a sex friend, this is not what I am looking for!  But they haven't replied yet, so we will see. 

I just think it would be a great addition in my life if I had more gay friends.

In other news, it is totally over with The Cook.  Last Saturday it was pretty clear for me that he didn't want to talk to me anymore. So I wrote him that he could at least tell me why he wasn't interested in me anymore.  He didn't bother reply!!

Yesterday night, I was super tired.  Yet, I logged on the dating site and found 3 guys I thought would be interesting to chat with.  They all replied and I have continued talking to 2 of them tonight.  One of them doesn't bring a lot of conversation, so it is always a bit frustrating.  But the other one has more things to say and......

We have a tennis date next Sunday.  I think it will be really cool to meet a guy in such a setting and I'm really looking forward to that!  From what he says he looks pretty much for the same thing as me, so that is a big plus (even bigger than the fact he looks like a total hottie!!)

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  1. Sounds like things are looking up all around, JF! It's nice that Flyman's bf didn't have a problem with you two hanging out. Hopefully that friendship can continue and a tennis date does sound fun! Have a great time!