Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gay saunas

Revealed ignorance can be pretty funny.

In the past, whenever I would hear or read about gay saunas, what I had in my had a giant finnish sauna.    So, when I read that people were engaging in sexual activities in a gay sauna, I thought they were doing it in the finnish sauna. 

This week I went for the first time in a (non-gay) spa and sauna center.  The first place I went was the finnish sauna.  Oh shit!!!  It was so hot.  I was sweating like a pig and within 2 or 3 minutes I was totally wet and trying not to move in order to not pass out!!  It's then that I thought about the gay saunas....  I could not conceive people having sex in such a place!  The last thing I would want to do in a finnish sauna is to have sex!  Also, since I suffer from high blood pressure, it is not recommended to be exposed to such heat and even less to raise my pulse.  It would make me feel nauseous and I think I could pass out.  So I really didn't understand how people could have sex in such an environment!!

I was definitely not this happy and comfortable.

Fortunately, the rest of the visit was spent in less extreme conditions.  Back home, I decided to learn more about gay saunas.  So I checked on the internet and found a very elaborated page on wikipedia.   I realized how ignorant I was and I was relieved to know that the sex didn't happen in the finnish sauna, but generally in "normal-heated" rooms (since sex is usually not allowed in common areas).  It makes much more sense to me now!!  I'm happy I didn't talk about it to anyone before knowing the truth or I would have looked really silly!!


  1. Oh my gosh, I can barely sit in those for 2 minutes without feeling like I'm choking and can't breathe, let alone sex!! But I think I had the same misconception as you did. Thanks for clarifying the issue!

    1. Haha, no problem!! I'm happy I was not the only one with that misconception!