Saturday, October 27, 2012

Perfection? Expectations!

I want to reassure everyone by telling you that I know that I am not perfect, even if I think I'm not so far :)
Seriously, I am a humble person and sometimes I just have difficulty to accept many compliments, so I answer with humor.  I really want to thank everyone who repeats again and again to me those beautiful things.  It's beginning to sink in :)

There's one thing that's been bothering me about myself lately.  It scares me a bit about my future with a lover.  The thing is that I tend to rapidly have high hopes and expectations.  I have these hopes and expectations in every aspect of my life, so I don't see why they wouldn't show up on the love side.  The problem with high hopes and expectations is that when they are not fulfilled, I become stressed and I ask myself all sorts of stupid questions and I begin to doubt a lot of things in my life.  That's not a good feeling and I hate it when I experience it.

So, how does it scare me about my future love life??  Well, I fear to hurt myself and my lover for no good reason if my expectations are not fulfilled.  I don't want to have the feeling that I love him much more than he does about me, that I care more than he does about our relationship.  Also, as I've demonstrated at the beginning of this post, sometimes it takes me a long time to let things sink in.  So, maybe I will have all the signs to be reassured, but I won't let them sink in and it could be hurtful.  I don't want that.  Hopefully, by the time this happens, I will still have a lot of help from you to help me sort things out!!

I'll end this post by suggesting you to watch this clip of Muse.  I knew many of the band's song, but I didn't know they were all made by the same band until a few weeks ago when I realized that I just loved all these songs made by Muse.  I specifically chose this one because it fits with this post.

Muse - Starlight


  1. Oh I love Muse!

    I think we all have unrealistic expectations sometimes, it's just remember that life and love aren't always perfect, but they're definitely worth it. :)

    - Shell

  2. Hey JF,
    I'd like to put on record that I tried to let all the sexy men jump in and comment first. All the men must be busy carving jack-o-lanterns with their shirts off or something.

    In regards to your post, we all have difficult or unattractive aspects to our personalities. To me, the key is being aware. You're aware that you have high expectations. You're aware that when the expectations are not met you can become stressed and can jump to conclusions. I think it's wise to face this issue now - it probably will come to play in a relationship. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. With awareness comes an opportunity to recognize faulty logic. It provides an opportunity to talk to your partner honestly (a good man will think your quirks are adorable or at least reassure you that they aren't a deal-breaker). And you can also continue to talk to friends or your counselor if you need help getting your head on straight. Basically what I'm trying to say is that you are smart for recognizing potential pitfalls, but don't worry too much. You've got this.

    I liked the video. I'd never heard of Muse - their sound reminds me of a classic rock band - can't put my finger on who I'm thinking of.

    1. Ann Marie, I can't blame anyone for being shirtless, as I am shirtless at the moment!! I took my shirt off after a bike ride and I didn't see the need to put it back on!!

      I really like what you said in your second paragraph. I could try to explain, but I think that just saying that I like it is a good explanation in itself.

      You have to listen to more Muse!! If you can watch their clips too, they are all very original. I can say that I really like the organized perversion depicted in the clip for "Time is running out"

    2. Organized perversion?? Oh, I think I've got a clip I need to find!