Monday, October 1, 2012

What kind of lover am I?

That's the question I asked myself this morning while in the shower (!!)

The first thing that popped in my mind was "playful".  I want a relationship to be fun, so I expect myself to be joyful, teasing, mischievious at times, teasing, jester...

I also see myself being tender, loving, caring, cajoling,  using my hands and mouth a lot to touch my man and show him I love him.

I don't think I'm really jealous, but I will need a minimum daily dose of attention and love or I'll think my man is not interested in me.

I will want us to complete and surprise each other.

I will want us to be very into each other, to be intimate.  I will love as much to give him love and pleasure as I will receive it from him.

This is what I think I am.  I can't wait to see how I will unfold!!


  1. It's cool that you're thinking about these things.

    It also sounds like you will make some guy very lucky in the future.

  2. Oh that's an fun question to ask yourself! For me, I think it depends a lot on my mood. I can be playful, dirty, energetic, lazy (oh hell yes I said lazy! When it's 3am and I'm being woken up by my overly enthusiastic in the wee hrs of the night husband I am lazy! Cranky too sometimes!), tender, etc. just depends how I feel at the time.
    I'm sure you'll make some lucky guy an amazing lover someday.

  3. Hey JF. I broke out laughing so hard at your first sentence! It's funny because I've noticed that lots of times some really interesting, um, thoughts and, um, images, come to me in the shower!! I wonder why that it?!! LOL!

    I really liked it when you said, "I will want us to complete and surprise each other." Especially the part about surprising each other. It seems like I'm still learning new things in my relationship. Those special "surprises" are a real gift.

  4. LOL!! our mind is uncontrollable when we get into shower / bath time!! Some times it's kinky, sometimes really not :(

    Do you really want me to answer why that is (those thoughts and images in the shower)!!

    Surprises!! yes please!!! I think that it is one of the keys to a long and successful relationship. I'm happy you have those and I'm sure you'll keep being surprised by your Matty!!

    1. Sex in the shower is one of my most favorite fantasies.

      This random fact was brought to you by the letters T, M, and I. ;)

    2. Feel free to say what you want!! I'm not here to judge :P

  5. Shower sex is amazeballs! One thing to add to your list could be uninhibited. Sharing yourself with another person shouldn't be a place or space to hold yourself back in any way. When both people learn this and build this place of trust then the real communication starts. All good thoughts here. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. Not that there isn't something to be said for complete spontaneity! I am sure you will get it all figured out. Just be yourself!


    1. You're right daemon, I didn't think about uninhibition, but it is certainly something that I will need with my lover. I think the only reason I didn't think about it was that my shower wasn't long enough :)