Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A dream man

If I was with Mr Dream Man, I would get to see this every morning!

I found a perfect man!! 

Sounds nice hey!? 

Even nicer, my dream man thinks of me as his dream man.

It's perfect, right???

Well, not so....  the thing is, a relationship between us is impossible.  Well, not the kind of relationship that I look for.  A relationship in which I could be the lover I want to be (as described in "What kind of lover am I?")

So what does that all mean??  It means that before we could develop too strong feelings for one another, we decided to put a break on certain things.  We decided to stay friends.

If I start from the beginning, we met about 10 days ago and 2 days later, that's when we decided to stay friends.  It's worked perfectly so far, I can say that I have found a very good friend.

He even has met someone else and I am truly very happy for him.

So I would say that yes I am sad that things cannot work between us.  We really like each other and I really think he could be a perfect man for me.  But at the same time, I'm happy to have made a great friend.  Also, it was the first time that a guy showed interest in me and it was the first time that I met a guy with whom I would love to build a relationship.  It's kind of a learning experience.  I learned that it is possible for me to find love.  Of course I knew all of that, but to come so close to it for the first time, it just leaves me with a very good feeling.


  1. Hi JF,

    I am happy that you met someone who can be a friend. Those are very important, and as the saying goes - you can never have too many. Also, I am happy that even though this person is not going to be a 'love interest', that that fact is not hurtung you.

  2. Glad you're feeling so hopeful. Though I guess I'm a little confused why things wouldn't work out, and how he can still be the perfect man if things wouldn't work out.

    But the important thing is that you're hopeful and excited by all this.

    1. Things wouldn't work out because it would be a long distance relationship.... I can handle a long distance friendship, but not a relationship.

    2. Ah yes, that would make sense now.

  3. Sometimes long distance friends can become your closest ones. I'm glad you're still looking for love. You'll find it.