Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shopping for a man, Part 3

No, I didn't go back yet to the store.  But, there have been some developments.

After my initial meeting with the salesman, since he had given me his first name, I had of course looked for him on facebook!!  Sadly, I had not found his profile (even if I tried different spellings of his name)

Yesterday, I decided to try again, just in case!!

It turns out I easily found him!!  I suppose that he has modified his name in the meantime, cause I saw a pic of him that was posted in February (meaning that he didn't create his account during the week).

Anyways, his profile is private, which means that I only have access to his profile pic and his cover pic.

His cover picture is him kissing a girl on the mouth... (sad grin)

So, I guess at best (for me), he's bisexual.  But, he has a grilfriend at the moment so he's totally unavailable for me. (I can only think that the girl he's kissing is his actual girlfriend!!)

When I saw the pic, I was not mad or frustrated or desperate... Just a bit sad.  He's really a nice guy and I would have liked if we could have become boyfriends!

I guess I'm back to square 1.... or maybe square 2.  If you remember, when I went to the boutique last week, it was because I wanted to meet another of the salesman (Prospect #1).  I still think he's cute and there are high possibilities that this guy is actually gay ( but yet again, it's based on streotypes! ). 

It's a kind of an awkward situation for me, because if I go back to the store and they're both there, I don't want to ignore prospect #2 and jump on prospect #1.

Actually, I'm thinking to go back to the store when only prospect #2 is there and since he's probably not interested at all, I could ask him if there is any guy in his entourage that could be a good fit with me.  That should be easier to ask him than to ask him to go out with me.  If prospect #1 is gay, he probably knows it and he could try to set something up for us... why not?


  1. JF, I hope you realize that right now your life is reading like the opening chapters in a great m/m romance novel. So exciting, with unknown developments yet to come.

    Good luck finding out about 'Prospect #1'.

    1. Susan, you gave me a big smile there :)

      No I had not realized that! Thanks for sharing!

      I have actually never read M/M romance, so I will have to believe your statement :)

      PS. Weren't you ever supposed to send me an email via the "contact me" feature ?

    2. At the time, when the 'contact me' feature wasn't working, I rephrased what I wanted to say so it was OK for public consumption.

      Didn't realize you don't read m/m romance. Try it sometime if you have time and enjoy reading for pleasure.

  2. That's not a bad idea, JF, but if you do go and prospect #1 is there and not #2, maybe just go talk to him, see what happens. :) Good luck!

    On a side note: NEVER READ M/M ROMANCE *gasps* Dear God, man!