Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Monday morning and work came really fast after the weekend!!  Right after the morning break ended, it happened that I was alone with Vickie and Candy in the cafeteria.  Candy asked me if I left late from the party and I said that I was the last one to go.  She then asked if I had the waiter's number but I said no.  Then , Vickie shouted:  "Hey I saw you smiling at him!!!"  

That really surprised me!!  I didn't know if she really saw me or was joking on me.  I began to seriously blush!  Luckily we all had to go back to work, so I said that I would get to explain what happened later.  Both Candy and Vickie said that the waiter was really beautiful!!

I was kinda smiling nervously and happily about being busted like that.  I didn't really know then if I liked it or not!! (the truth is surprisingly : yes I like it !!)  I couldn't resist and went to see Vickie to know if she was lying or not.  She told me that when I was calling my lift, she was following the waiter when I smiled at him.  Oh man!!! I was really busted!!

I told her: " Oh you must have been peeing in your pants from seeing me do that!!!"  Fun times!  I told her how I wanted to talk to him while waiting for my lift, but that my plan was cut short when I was invited outside...

Later in the afternoon, I sent Candy an email, asking her 2 questions.
1- Do you think he's gay?
2- Do you think I still have a chance if we didn't even talk on Saturday?

She answered me rapidly.
1- Yes, at 99.5%!
2- It's not over!!  You just need to find a way to get to see him again.  (she described a few of her ideas)  You'll have to get over your fears!!!  Welcome in the world of love and dating!! Go ahead, we only have one life to live.  And at the worst, he'll say he's not gay.  So there is nothing to lose.  He is really beautiful.  If I was gay I would think he is really beautiful!!

That last sentence made me laugh a lot!!  It's not as if she didn't think he was beautiful even if she's a straight girl!

After that, she sent me another email.  She said:
"Hey, I got to talk a lot with the DJ  that was there at the party. He had told me that he worked often there.  He also gave me his name so I could reach him on Facebook.  So I have an idea.  I will write to him about the night and then ask a bit about the waiter.  Like what's his name? Is he gay?  I'll tell him that I have a colleague who likes him.  We'll see what he says and then who knows??"

I think that it is actually a good idea, because it should allow me to know his name, at the least.  That would make it a lot easier to try to contact him.  And if I get to know more than that and , who knows??, that he plays Cupid with us, it would be a great bonus.

Once again, I surprise myself at how easy going I am about talking about that to someone.  I'm pretty sure Candy is very surprised too, cause I have always been very shy about my personal life in the past and I was always nervous when asked or talked about dating.  But now it's the opposite!! I welcome every idea she has for me and I don't try to hide anything!!

Candy finally wrote the DJ today, so I expect he will answer to her really soon :))  Before the weekend, hopefully!  In the meantime, I try to remember how the waiter looks :)


  1. Oh my, I like you're coworkers! Go ladies! Good luck! Keep us posted on the outcome. xo!


  2. Yes, please keep us updated. I feel like Candy and Vickie - all excited for you!

  3. JF, there are so many paths to meeting new people. You never know which one will lead you to Mr. Right. You are fortunate to have such helpful co-workers. I'm also pleased that you continue to seek out these opportunities. And yes, do keep us informed!:)

  4. Ohhh!!! You girls are all the same :P