Saturday, December 22, 2012

What do I like about men ? They're sexy!!

I also find more "regular" guys sexy :)

It's finally my turn to tell what I like about men!!

Where to start !??

First, I'd like to say that I can be attracted to a lot of types of men.  I'm not really specific in terms of height, hair color, scruffiness, apparent masculinity/feminity....  There are many ways for me to think a man is sexy.  Notice that I said sexy, not beautiful.  I know some guys that are beautiful but I don't find sexy and vice versa.  I really prefer the sexy ones even if they're not really beautiful :)

I guess that's one thing I like about men: that there are so many ways for them to look sexy.  There are girls that I think look sexy, but they are rare. 

But how could I define "sexy" ??  I guess in the end, it means that it would be fun time in bed with the guy LOL.  But I don't like guys (or girls) who look slutty.  There's a big difference for me between sexy and slutty.  Slotty to me is like a fake behavior, something forced, an act.  Sexy is natural for me.  If I compare guys and girls, ( please girls, don't shoot me for what I'm about to say), I'd say that there are more girls who look slutty.  It often seems to me that girls put an act to be sexy or attractive and it's a big turn off for me.  It's a turn off too when guys do it, but it seems much less frequent to me. 

So I like how naturally men are sexy.  They can wear an old pair of jeans and a white t-shirt and bingo!  They can only be wearing a pair of shorts and a baseball cap and bingo!  It seems so more complicated for a girl to look sexy... but I may be biased LMAO

I like how sometimes I only see a guy's face pic and he's OK.  Then I see him move in real life and suddenly he becomes so sexy.

I like how a guy can seem OK , but then I see him naked (thanks internet) and woof!!!

If I look at a man, what do I like about his physical traits??  Now that I'm thinking about it... I'd say everything hahahaha!!!  I like a guy's shoulders, back, arms, armpits, hands, chest, belly, thighs, legs, face, eyes, lips, plumbing area and of course butt!!  I like a guy to be hairy or not, but I prefer hairy.  I like muscle or not, but not too much.

I like masculine guys, but I like more "feminine" guys too.  For me it is not a criteria to find them sexy.  Like the waiter I'm trying to get to know.  He looks ever so slightly feminine and the way he walks doesn't look very masculine.  But I still think the way he walks is sexy (I still remember him walking!! Aww so sexy!)

Oh the voice too....  you know when a guy gets his voice to be a little lower... so naughty :)  There's something in a guy's voice that girls don't have.  But girls have something in their voice that guys don't have, so we're equal on this one :)

On the psycological aspect, I like how men seem more simple than women.  I "get" men more.  How often do I hear or see a woman and shake my head in disbelief at what she says or does??  That almost never happens for me with men.

I also like how a man reacts when he's being "pleasured" :) It's like nothing else exists than what he's receiving.... (thanks again to the internet :)

I like how men are simply men.  I think they're more likely to be who they are and show their "stupidest" side. I think men are more playful than women and allow themselves more to just chill out and enjoy.

You see that I don't elaborate a lot about the psychological traits of men, that's because I've never been intimate with a man.  Hopefully, that will change sooner than later :)

I think you get the picture now!!  Sexy, natural, playful, man's parts.....  men!!


  1. How did we ever survive without the internet?? LOL

    I like your list. And I agree, sometimes it's a small characteristic - like the walk or voice - that makes a guy irresistable. You'll be an appreciative boyfriend.

    I..(ahem)..disagree with the female stereotypes listed. (You didn't think I was just going to let that go, did you?) And come on, men are more comfortable showing their "stupid" sides? I'll have you know I show my stupid side all the time. Okay, it's not always on purpose, but still...

    Thanks for sharing, JF. It's fun getting to know you. Enjoy the holidays!!

    1. Hi Ann Marie!!
      did I list so many stereotypes about women :P ?? To be franked I really went with how I feel about them.

      I think guys and girls express their stupidity differently. I guess I prefer the men's way LOL. And I think guys assume it more. But I know there are some marvelous exceptions like you :)

    2. And may you enjoy a great holidays too !!

    3. Ooh, nice save with the flattery. :P

      No, you didn't mention so many stereotypes. And if you had, that's your right. The beauty of writing a blog is the freedom to be 100% honest and true to your feelings. I like your candidness. Needless to say, I like to tease you too. :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading your list; it's exactly how I feel about men too! I also hope that you get to have a fun time in bed with some sweet guy ASAP.

    1. Then we're meant to meet !!!
      Haha just kidding :P
      Thanks for your sweet wish for me :)