Sunday, December 30, 2012

The best of 2012

In this end of year, I thought I would do a little review of what happened "blog-wise"!!

Most viewed post:  A survey, what do we like about men ?

Most comments in a single post: Beam me up

Most stupid comments convo: Beam me up

Countries with the most page views:  1- USA (hands down) , 2 -Canada, 3- Russia (really!?)

Origin site with the most visitors from:  2 boys in love  Thanks guys <3 !!

Most google search:  "gay construction worker" hahah!!  I'm not the only one liking them :)

My own best favorite post: Showing my true self for the first time
If you have not read it, I would encourage you to read it, as well as all those posts from the early days of my blog, if you want to know me better.

Thanks again to all my readers! You often make my day!!  Please come back often and comment!! I love having your feedback ( and I'm an attention whore, as all bloggers are!!)

See you in 2013!!


PS.  Here's a nice vid I found this morning, it made my day :)
PPS. I want the one on the right ;-)


  1. From one attention-whore to another, thank you for blogging your story. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures in 2013!

  2. What the boys said, Happy New Year, JF! Thanks for the laughs and the new friendship. :)

  3. JF, thanks for the new friendship in 2012, and best of luck on your journey in 2013. I'll be there with you!

  4. I can see why you want the one on the right! He's very good at moving his hips! ;)

  5. Thanks to all!! I cherish everyone of you :)