Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend adventures - part 2

2 weekends ago

Friday: nothing happened and it was quite depressing... following my 4 consecutive nights of the previous weekend!

Saturday: I had been chatting with a guy for a few days and we agreed to meet up.  This guy, Johnny, likes to dance.  I told him it was not really my thing, but we agreed that we would go for a drink and then we would see.  This guy is from Montreal, so we met at a subway station in the gay village ( I'm beginning to go there often lol) When I saw him, it was the first time that I had a date with someone who "looks gay" .  So I was curious!  We went for a walk first and we chatted about dating and relationship stuff.  He said a lot of things that resonated with me.  I think he has good values and so it was a good start. I didn't care how he was dressed anymore!  We then went in a bar and had a beer.  Following that I agreed to go dancing!  It was actually really nice.  I had never danced in the company of only one person so I liked that much more than with many people I know, or worst, many people that I don't know!  Johnny loves to dance!!  He was really good at it and very energetic!!  I thought he was real cute and I was happy to be with him and dancing!  Leaving the bar, it was a bit cold outside so we walked side by side so I could heat him up since I had a vest and he didn't.  We chatted some more and I drove him back to his place.  He was funny as he was groping my arm ( which is absolutely not imoressive!!) We may have hugged as he got out but nothing more. On my way back home, I thought that I would definitely want to go out again with him.

One weekend ago

Friday:  Johnny and I had continued texting during the week and I had called him once too.  We had set a date for friday.  We went dinner in an indian restaurant.  It was really good, it was the first time for me.  After that, we went to the same bar as the first date. It was still early, so we couldn't dance yet.  At 11, there was a drag queen show so I saw my first drag queen show!!  It was interesting!  Of course, some were bad, but one was particularly funny and I really liked her. At one point I suggested to Johnny that we could go ance and he agreed.  We did and it was fun again.We didn't staty that long cause he had to work early next morning, so I drove him to his place again and this time we did hug for sure.

Saturday: I had a family dinner so I didn't schedule anything.  My brother, who is aware of all my new "activities" warned me to be sure not to set a date a week prior to that lol. Since I had forgotten about that dinner, it's a good thing he told me !!!

Sunday: I spent the afternoon with Johnny at various places in Montreal.  We went for a walk in a park and it kinda appeared clear suddenly that I didn't have that much interest in him.  Yeah I know... quite a bummer!!  I'm beginning to know what are the signs that I'm not interested in a guy and they began to come out during that walk.  Ater the walk, he prepared dinner for us and it was quite good!! After that we watched a movie together, cuddling on the couch.  He is a very delicate and respectful guy and I liked a lot how he acted with me.  But in my heart, I knew that the inevitable was coming ....  As I was leaving, he tried to kiss me but I was really reluctant.  I told him that I am a very shy kisser in the beginnings ( which is true) and he said it was ok.  Ater I left, it was not that late so I decided to do a quick visit to J.  I stayed for maybe 10 minutes and it was good seeing him again ( even if I'm troubled by him and me not being together).

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