Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend adventures

I've been going out and dating more than usual this past month.  But I'm back to square 1 at the moment :(

3 weekends ago

Thursday: I had a date with a guy. We were supposed to have a beer in a bar, but instead we went to the ice cream shop.  After that, we went for a walk.  That guy didn't really interest me.  The next day I tell him that I'm not interest in pursuing.  He asks why did you tell me that we would see each other again? I replied that I was not sure yet so I prefered to not close the door too fast.  He seemed pissed at me, but I really don't think I was a jerk.  I kept the door open for more thinking and the next day I told him the truth.... I don't think I led him in false hopes.

Friday: I was chatting with a guy I went out once during the summer, we had gone rollerblading together then had dinner.  So I was chatting again with this guy and we decided that we would go out in Montreal.  So I was about to go to my first gay bar in Montreal haha. I had already gone to a few in San Diego and only to one lesbian bar in Montreal ( did I ever write about it??) So anyways we met in a parking lot and he drove us there.  So we went in a stripper bar hahaha.  It was nice.  Some were good ( one was particularly hot) and some were bad in my opinion.  We then went to another stripper bar!  This guy usually goes dancing, but since I had told him I didn't really like to dance we simply stayed in that bar.  All in all we had a good time, shared a few laughs.  We talked more on the ride to and from, since it was about 45 minutes.  He is a nice guy and sexy also, but he is not the most talkative and I am not neither, so it was not a whirlwind of words!!  I've had a few signs that he may be interested in me... but I'm just too slow to notice them as they happen and also I'm really to shy ( I have to change that!!!) to do a few moves :(.

Saturday: I met this nice but young (21) guy. We went dinner then to the movies.  When we were chatting before our date, it was a bit awkward at times as he asked me questions such as: will we get closer during the movie? will I be able to kiss you? do you confirm we really are going out together tonight?

I let these things aside and still went.  The guy was nice, but I really didn't feel anything special for him.  Once at the theater, one of his cousins arrived with her boyfriend and they sat beside us!!!! LOL I can't believe how stupid they are.  I didn't really care, but my date was probably so mad!!

The next days he wrote me if we would meet again and I said yes, since I was not ready to close the door on him.  But then time passed and I have not contacted him again so I feel bad about this one.  It was really not my intention to be that cheap :(

Sunday: I met up with J again.  I don't really remember what we did on that particular "meeting" ( not sure I can call it a date). But, in the evening, we were watching tv and got slightly close.  When bed time came he asked me to sleep in bed with him. I agreed and we simply slept cuddling together.  Once, he put his hand on my thigh sidde, at butt height!  I got aroused and it lasted at least 10 minutes.  He was ot moving his hand or nothing and he surely didnt realize what was going on.  But, talking to one of my chat room friends about that, he made me realize that if it lasted that long, it's because I have something not just physical for him.  The next morning, we watched tv in bed and then I left.  I was honestly not hoping for anything following that... I took it as a nice time sleeping cuddling.

To be continued....


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