Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Two stupid lonely souls

If our lives were a movie, we could see in the same shot : me on the right, on my sofa, wandering on various social networks.  On the left, you, in your bed, wandering on the same networks.  We both see each other online. On the screen, we look like a mirrored image of the other one.

We both are stupid.  You, for not realizing how good of a boyfriend I could be for you.  For looking for an easy "falling in love".  For not giving ourselves a chance.  For not telling me why you've rejected me like this.  For being still attached to your ex boyfriend who clearly doesn't want you anymore.

Me, for not being able to get out of my comfort zone.  For thinking too much into everything.  For being still attached to you even if you friend-zoned me ( Have I really become your straight friend??)  And for probably many more things you could tell me but that you don't dare telling me, cause you're so stupid...

In another scene, we could have a flashback of you being shocked by learning that your ex boyfriend has found a new boyfriend and that he is totally in love with him.  Then back to the present, we could see me shocked, pushing the phone away from my ears when you tell me how much you still love him.  Yes, it does affect me, even if I know that you don't want me. Why are you so stupid not to realize that it hurts me?  Why am I so stupid to still care about you? Everyone tells me I should forget you and move on.  Yet, I don't.

If we were not both so stupid, we wouldn't be a mirror of the other's lonely soul.  We would forget how stupid we both are, turn off the social networks, meet up, spend time together and maybe, just maybe it could lead somewhere.  But the thing is, we are still tied to imaginary barriers.

What a despairing movie that would make....


  1. ''Me, for not being able to get out of my comfort zone. For thinking too much into everything. For being still attached to you even if you friend-zoned me''

    I am kinda living this at the moment.

  2. :/ hang in there, JF. Things will get better. *hugs*