Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On the bright side...

A short post tonight.  I don't feel the side effects of the meds anymore, except for the fatigue.  I get tired a lot earlier than usually and I sleep more hours than usual.

So with the fatigue, I am again late with some posts.

Since most of my previous posts were not so positive, I decided to skip to something good I learned last Friday.

I was getting lunch with Jack and on our way back to work, I asked him if he had talked about me being gay with our coworkers, like he had told me he would do during the Christmas break.  We have not had a lot of time together since then and I had never done any follow up about that. 

After I asked, he told me that pretty much everyone surely knew it by then.  I was happy to learn that.  However, we didn,t have much time so I don't know the details of who? when? how?... But I'm really curious to know.  I'm looking forward to have more time with him so we could exchange about that.  I want to know if he was nervous or something....  And apparently Jess helped spread the word!

It seems like most people have known for a few weeks and I have to say that I didn't have a clue!!  I have not noticed any new behavior from anyone.  I think this is the perfect situation for me at the moment with that group of people.  I don't have to worry about their reaction, because they already had their reaction without me knowing it.  I don't have to "study" them...  trying to figure out any clue if they know or not.

It's all magically done, like I had wished!!

My friends are great!


  1. Thinking of you - so glad you haven't been terribly sick. <3

  2. This is excellent news, JF. Glad that turned out the way you wanted. And so very glad you are feeling better. Keeping you in my thoughts.