Friday, July 20, 2012

I hate that feeling

I hate when it seems like my friendships are drifting away.  I hate when my friends act to make me look stupid.  I hate when my friends forget that I exist.  I hate when my friends make plans without me.

I hate how it affects me so much.  I hate that I feel so disoriented about it.  I hate that I fear their reaction if I openly talk to them about it.  I hate to not understand what is going on.  I hate to not be able to trust my friends.

And it hurts that it happens when I so deeply want to show them who I really am.


  1. I do not have any wise words or statements that will change how others have been treating you and how you feel. I just wanted you to know that I read this and I care. I have been in this place before. I hope that as time passes, circumstances and your spirits change for the better.

    You matter. Remember that.


  2. I've been there. I know what that's like.

  3. JF -
    You may want to consider that these particular people are not really good friends. Good friends don't do that sort of thing. I'm not sure, but that's my opinion. Maybe it's time to branch out and meet some new people.
    Take care. It may take care of itself.
    We're here for you.