Thursday, July 12, 2012

When will I be over and done with it?

I'm talking about coming out.  So far I've come out a total of 4 times, to a total of 5 persons.  I want to be completely out sooner than later, but I also want to tell personnally to people who are close to me, in a certain order of priority.  Maybe I make things more complicated than they should be.  Maybe not.  Coming out is a very personnal process and I need to do it this way.  But it's hard some times to find a good moment (I'm not even looking for THE good moment, as that would really be too slow).  I wanted to tell my 2 best friends (they're a couple) tonight.  I was happy about it.  But when I arrived at their home, they weren't there.  So I prepared all day for nothing (not that I really prepared for it, but I thought about it a few times and that always saps some energy).  It takes energy to come out and I would like to use my energy for something else, like finding a boyfriend.

So I wish to tell them tomorrow.  It will be an important step, because the guy works with me and I don't want to make him keep the secret for too long before I come out at work.  So I hope that things will happen fast after that and I think it will be a better situation to have everyone know instead of a few "privileged" ones.

On a happier note, I convinced one of my coworker to throw a pool party this weekend so we should have a lot of fun.  Maybe if I get too drunk I will unwillingly (or not) share my secret...

Pool party song

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  1. There's a saying that coming out is a never-ending process. Even once all your current friends, family members, and acquaintance know, you'll still meet more people, leading to more times when you have to choose whether to come out.

    Of course, I'll note that personally, I think things get easier once you're out to the people you are close to and that you already have a lot invested in the relationship with. Coming out to new people can be done early (and often nonchalantly) with the understanding that if there's an issue, it's much easier for both of you to walk away due to that lack of investment.