Friday, July 27, 2012

Someone's got a good gaydar...

I took a walk with my friend Janice yesterday night and I came out to her.  She didn't believe that I was gay.  I had to confirm it a few times.  Now here's the interesting part.  She told me that her brother, who happens to be gay, had told her that he was pretty sure that I was gay.  She told him that no, I was very straight, that I was not gay at all.  But, he still had his doubts.

So now I'm curious... what did I do to make him think I was gay ??  He's the first person I know of who thought that.  But more importantly: why was Janice so sure that I was so straight??  What did I do for her to evaluate me and be sure I was straight ??  I'll have to ask both of them that's for sure. 

I feel a bit "ashamed" to be happy to know that she was so sure I was not gay.  I have never given importance to be straight-acting or gay-acting.  So why do I give it some importance now?  I feel like I'm playing the stereotype game and I don't like that.

I'm also looking forward to talk to Jack again about my homosexuality, since our conversation was cut short the last time.  I think we will both learn a few things when we talk about it.



  1. I want to read about their answers too... curious.

  2. Congrats man! Yeah it'd be interesting to find that out. I guess some gay guys have good gaydar. I wish we all were able to tell! lol.

  3. It's called confirmation bias -- she always assumed you were S8, and even in the face of contradictory information, she clung to her bias about you. Since you sound pretty S8 acting, there was nothing that clearly could change her views of you until you told her directly.

  4. la verdad yo siento cuando otro hombre es bisexual o gay, es raro no lo se explicar pero siempre confirmo mis sospechas... no sé si será algo hormonal ó distinguir conductas, miradas, palabras... es curioso y es agradable.

    1. Can you write that in english, I think I get the idea but my spanish is not that good.