Monday, June 3, 2013

3 dudes, a car and a date

I will come back soon on the story with SL, but since there is new stuff happening, I don't want to delay it too much, like I have a bad habit to do!

I exchanged messages with 3 different guys on Friday and Saturday.  (I am sadly the one who initiated them all... maybe my profile doesn't show the best of me!?!?)  The first one was nice, but he would not really initiate anything, he was imply replying to my messages.  Saturday morning I wrote that we should have a drink together sometimes.  He answered that it could happen in the future.  Dude, where is your enthousiasm??  So I decided to let him breathe a bit and I went looking for other guys. 

I saw another one who seems quite interesting. On his profile he described himself and what he likes and he also described the kind of guy he wants.  It turns out that I like the kind of perosn he is and I thought I answered all of his "criterias" but one.  The one I lacked is the one he said he wanted a guy who takes care of himself.  I thought it meant a guy well defined and muscled.  Anyways, I thought I was good enough (LOL) and sent him a message.  He replied and he asked me what made me write to him. I said that as cheesy as it sounds, I liked everything of his profile! And also that I think that I answer at a minimum level of what he is looking for.  He replied jokingly in friend about the cheesy part... unfortunately I know no translation in English, so its too bad for you guys ;)  He also asked why I think I answer to the minimum.  I replied that I am not in great shape, but yet I still have a hairy chest (he says it's a plus haha).  He replied that he doesn't necessarily want a super fit guy and was happy to learn about my chest LOL.  I replied that I would answer to the maximum criterias then!!  He was impressed haha and said that he was intrigued (isn't that just perfect when you're trying to date a guy!?!? hahaha)

He asked me my qualities, and I answered that I am really not good at selling myself, but that I would give it a try.  So I liste a few of my qualities and inserted that I like to tease* people (which can be viewed as a bad trait for some I suppose).  I was looking forward to his answer.  He said that I made a really good job at selling myself and that he likes people who tease because it shows humour.

* Once again I don't have the perfect translation, but what i mean is I like to kid, make fun of people but not in a bad way.  People who can't laugh of themselves don't really like this trait.  Can you guys submit me a list of adjective that could be a good definition? I will tell if one fits.

He asked me then what bad traits people think I have.  I gave him 2 , mentionning how I prefer to describe myself, rather than how people perceive me regarding these 2 traits.  I also asked him what are his good and bad sides.  As of now (I am typing these words sunday morning), he has not replied yet.

While I was chatting with that guy, I saw another guy who seemed interesting once again.  I sent him a message and he quickly replied.  Surprisingly he also asked me what made me write to him so I said I thought he was really cute and that I liked what he wrote on his profile.  He replied something similar to what I said and we realized that we both had nothing to do that night.  I suggested that we could meet and he agreed.

It may sound fast, but I don't really see the point in chatting forever with a guy without meeting him.  I mean, we could get along well chatting online, but maybe it couldn't click for real, so I prefer to meet soon.

It was already past 7 and I hadn't had dinner yet  I quickly ate and went to meet him.  We actually live 50 minutes apart so we agreed to meet in a town inbetween.  He said we could go walk in a park and then go for a coffee or something. He suggested we meet in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart and that he would drive us to the park (since he knows the place better then I do)

I have been given a good advice by a friend from the chatroom who told me that I should always tell someone when I have a first date with a guy, in case things could turn bad.  So I called my brother and told him I would meet this new guy and told him where I was going.  He asked what happened with the previous guy and I told him quickly.  Later during the date I sent a text message to my brother to tell him that all was alright.

So I arrived in the parking lot and the guy, let's call him MC, had texted to me to say he had arrived.  It was already kinda dark and I saw only one car that could be his.  I parked a few meters away from it and looked, but couldn't tell if it was the right guy.  I texted him, but somehow his phone wasnot working anymore, so he didn't reply.  Then I saw him wave at me so I went to his car and recognized him.  I entered in his car and we went to the park.  It felt awkward to meet a guy and the first thing I do I get in his car... 

We were both a bit shy I guess.  We didn't talk a lot.  When he talked he was talking about his boss and I was hoping he would not break my ears with her all night long hahaa.  At the park we started to walk and it was already almost total night so I was a bit afraid that I was alone with a complete stranger in the dark, but he seemed ok (in the future I will be more cautious about that).  We didn't talk a lot neither and I was thinking maybe we wouldn't connect.  Then it seemed like a storm was coming so I suggested we go back.  2 minutes after we got back in the car it started pouring rain!

We went in a coffee shop and unfortunately there was lots of weird people being loud.  We made fun out of it and we started being more at ease (finally!) with each other.  When we had enough of the loud people, we left and went back to the parking lot.  We stayed in his car for at least 45 minutes and we chatted about many different things and I got to show him my silly side.  I think we spent more than half of the time we spent together in his car, so that was a bit weird haha, cause in a car you're side by side, not face to face. (hmm why do I write that it is obvious! LOL)

He touched my knee or my thigh a few times near the end but I didn't do the same cause I'm just too shy LOL. He was often looking at me with his really beautiful eyes and I felt my "ovaries" at work LOL.  OK I admit my "ovaries" were not 100% responsible for that, because I did feel some sensual tension between us.  It was actually the first time I felt that with a guy I was meeting for the first time.

After the 3rd time I said I should leave, I hugged him as a goodbye and he kissed my neck.  I didn't do the same and I hope he won't take that as a sign I am not interested.  I got out of his car, entered mine, and as I left I waved at him and he waved at me.

I'm happy to see that even if it was a bit awkward at first, the date went better and I would like to meet him again :)


  1. "Tease" is the right word. We NEVER would have guessed that was one of your qualities!!

    It sounds like the dating scene is going well - so glad to hear it. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  2. JF,

    your post is useless without pictures. Please post pictures of your furry chest so that we can help you determine whether you will meet the maximum of his criteria. Merci beaucoup!;)


  3. Wow, JF, you really seem to be getting the hang of meeting guys online. Hope all continues to go well.

  4. Glad things are going so well, JF! Keep us posted!