Sunday, June 2, 2013

First anniversary!

Yay!  It's been a year I started this blog and I'm so happy I did!

Even if I knew I wanted to be super honest, I didn't know that that honesty and "openness" would also develop in other aspects of my life.  I actually sometimes have to stop myself from saying a few things to some people because I think it would be inappropriate.  What a change from the guy who kept all his feelings for himself :)

A good example is this week at work, there were some gardeners doing work outside and from my window I could see them.  Just as one hot guy was working below my window, Vickie called me to settle a problem.  I went to see her and I told her it was really a bad timing because of the show she made me miss.  She was like " Huhhh??"  So I explained that I was missing the hot gardener on all fours on the ground.  She was shocked and said: "OMG there is only you to say that!!!"  It was funny, but I did miss the show in the end :(  Anyways, I would never have imagined to say something like that before!!


  1. Happy first blog-o-versary! And that was a cute story!!

  2. Fantastic and congratulations on this anniversary! I am rather glad that you decided to share even a part of yourself with the world at large. Your words here have helped me understand myself and others so much better, as well as get to know you in part. Each time we reach out and share, our worlds become larger, more known, less frightening and unbelievably inspiring. Thanks for being a part of mine. :)


  3. Happy Anniversary, JF! :)

  4. Congratulations, JF, with many more to come!

  5. So you're blog's a gemini? Cool.

    And happy blogoversary.

  6. YAY! Happy First Year!

  7. Congrats as you go forward into your second year!
    *throws glitter*