Saturday, June 8, 2013

Second date with MC

The day after our first date was a Sunday and he was working and I had a dinner at my parents.  Once back home at around 8 PM, I started exchanging messages with MC again and he was saying he wanted to come see me.  I told whim that I was not feeling so well, because I had allergies or a cold ( not sure what has been hitting me lately).  he said he didn't mind and that it would be worth it. So I said that he could do as he wished, so he came over.

Once he arrived, we talked for a while on the couch.  Then, I started throwing a pillow at him and after the 3rd time , I think, he jumped over me to tickle me.  I am so ticklish!!  I was now laying on my back and he was above me.  It was a fight as to who would tickle the other the most.

At a certain point we both surrendered and we were laying either side by side or one on top of the other.  He wanted to kiss me but I told him I was still too shy.  At a moment when I was on top of him, I was so close to his face.  I thought that his mouth and lips were just stunningly beautiful.  So I started sliding my finger on or right beside his lips.  It was hot hahah!  After a few minutes, I wanted to kiss him, so I slowly did it. One, two, than more soft kisses.  We both smiled and we kissed and made out a lot.  If you guys remember, I didn't really like kissing Flyman.  I think he was not sensual enough.  But with MC it's just perfect!!  He also kissed me at various places above the shoulders and I didn't know that I would like being kissed that much, I had shivers!  Especially in the head, through the hair hahah WEIRD,  lol!

At a moment when we were simply cuddling he told me: "Where were you hidden all that time?"  Isn't that adorable!?

When it had become late, I told him he had 3 options: go back to his parents ( I told him I was sure he had a curfew haha he didn't like that lol) ; sleep on the couch; or sleep with me, but I specified " no dirty stuff". He asked if kissing was considered dirty and I said no haha.  So he chose that option!

W went to bed and cuddled and kissed some more.  Than we agreed to sleep and we tried sleeping next to each other, but I am just not capable to deal with so much heat when I want to sleep.  So I had to get a bt away from him and I told him it was simply too hot for me.

The next morning, when the alarm rang, we kissed and cuddled some more ( oh and of course, we both didn't sleep a lot, since I was always coughing from my cold and needing to evacuate the stuff from my nose quite often). At one point I just had to get up and have my shower.  I did so and when I came back, he was already clothed and he had done the bed ( so nice!). I was simply in boxer briefs and as he was leaving, we were standing in the stairs and we started kissing again.  His hands were running beside me and on my bum , it felt so good ( and right!). I had never felt like that before.


  1. This is sounding good, JF. Do you two have plans to meet again?

  2. Very sweet and sexy! I think he showed great self-restraint!

  3. Awesome! Sounds like thinks are going well! Best of luck to you!