Sunday, June 16, 2013

What happened to be my last date with SL

On Thursday evening, when I was chatting with SL, I told him: "You fool, you forgot your toothbrush here!!!"  He replied: "Oh no, it's a spare one I figured I could let it at your place!"  How nice was that LOL

We set up our next date for Saturday evening and Sunday. I was to go at his place (was my turn to do the road)  I arrived there around 6 I think.  We went for dinner in a Subway and we just basically had fun the whole time.  After that we went to the video store and we rented a horror movie.  Back at his place we watched the movie, but he didn't want to cuddle because he says he doesn't like to cuddle during a horror movie!! Oh well!!  After the movie, we went to bed and got intimate again hehe. 

I forgot to say in th eoprevious post:  He doesn't like being caressed a lot, especially where there is hair involved ( his chest, lower belly and armpits)  Me?? I just love to caress, especially where there is hair involved...  So it was a bit of a fight for him to let me caress him.  I also like nipple play but he doesn't... so I was a bit sad about that.  Anyways, I tried again that night and he had not changed his position about that.  We again did some jacking off, but like with Flyman, I couldn't hold it, so I was really disappointed again...  Actually he put some lube on my "apparatus" and it is actually not something that gets me more excited, so I guess I knew right away that it could be problematic so it didn't help at all!!  (Am I the only one who doesn't like that??)

Next morning, I woke up early again and tried to cuddle him.  However, he was much less responsive than usual.  I did try a few times without success.  Just holding him... but it didn't work.  I was really disappointed.  I was even more disappointed when he got up and went to take his shower.  I was laying there in his bed, wondering what was happening.  When he came back, I was about to ask him why he was so distant. But, he did cuddle up with me, so I thought that he just needed a shower.  We actually started jerking each other off again and this time I "managed" to blow.  LOL my body is tough with me!!

After that I took a shower and we spent some time at his place before going for lunch.  We had a great time again.  After that, we went rollerblading together and it was super fun again.  Well, for me at least, because he is so much better than I am, so he had to go much slower than he is used to because of me.  It lasted at between 30 minutes and an hour.  As it was my first time in 2 years I had made that sport, my old back was hurt for the next 3 days!!  We then went for an ice cream and again, it was super pleasant.  I had to leave around 3PM because I had dinner at my parents.  I really really enjoyed my day and I was looking for more of SL during the next days and he showed a lot of enthousiasm as well.

However, he mentionned something for the first time during that date and it got me by surprise.  So much (and because it is a delicate topic) , that I couldn't talk to him about it right away. I had to take time to think about it.  I won't enter in the details, but he told me that he doesn't like any kind of anal sex.  Since I do not see why I wouldn't want that as a part of my sex life (even if I can almost say Im a virgin, so I don't know if I like it or not), it could have become a bit problematic.  So, I felt that I needed to talk about that to him as soon as possible, in person.


  1. Oh my. I love the way you phrase things, JF!

    1. hummm, like what!? :-p

    2. Ha! Talking about "blowing" and your "apparatus". Cracks me up :D

  2. Yeah, I've known a couple of guys who didn't like anal, giving or receiving. For me, that would be a deal-breaker on a relationship with them.

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    1. I am with you on the lube. It desensitizes me. Bummer!