Sunday, June 9, 2013

Third date with MC

I decided to invite MC for dinner on wednesday night.  I didn't have much time to prepare food, so I went to the grocery store to buy dessert and wine and back home, I prepared hamburger and a salad.  When he arrived I was still preparing food, so we started chatting in the kitchen.  It was kinda funny because we had not kissed or touch each other yet.  After a small while, he grabbed me and we started making out.  It was already dark outside, so anybody who could have walked in the streets could have seen us, but I didn't care! ( I actually don't know if someone saw us) I had forgotten to buy ketchup, so as it is the only condiment I put in my hamburgers, it was kinda necessary! So we went together at the grocery store to buy it.  Back home, we started eating and it was really nice.  We still don't always something to talk about ( we are both not the most extrovert guys). But I took these moments to just look at him :)

After the meal, we went in the living room to watch a movie.  I had been at Jack's before going to the grocery store to borrow him a few movies.  I told him that I had invited a guy over and that I had planned to watch a movie during the evening.  sadly he didn't really ask any question.  I was eager to tell him more, but I guess it will be for another time.

We watched the movie laying side by side on the couch, and I have to admit that we missed a few parts of the movie LOL.  After the movie ended, we made out again for a long time on the couch.  Then, when we decided to go to bed ( way past 11) , he went to take a shower and I waited for him in my bed. When he came back, he joined me in bed and , guess what, we cuddled and kissed more.  

He actually initiated a bit of " dirty stuff" when he removed my dick from my boxers.  There is no need for me to elaborate a lot but we played there as well LOL.  At one point he asked me if i wanted to do it, but I said no, as I was not "there".  He was totally OK with that.  It was 2AM when we decided to call it a night, as I had set the alarm clock for 6AM the next morning.

Next mornning, when the alarm rang, we kissed and cuddled more haha and also played a bit down there!  Aftr 30 minutes I had to go take my shower so I left him again.  When I came back he had done the bed again.  I quickly had breakfast while he took a shower.  We were both ready to leave at the same time.  We kissed again in the stairs ( but this time I was clothed, so it was less sensual haha) and went outside together.  We kissed again in my driveway, and it was my first PDA ever!  I actually don't know if my neighbours saw me, but I have to admit it felt weird!


After the movie the night before, he had told me twice that he loved me.  Back outside on thursday morning, he said it again.  As I didn't really how to react ( and because I don't have the same feelings for him! ) I simply kissed him.  I thought that it was really early to say such a thing, but I didn't got bothered or anything, I just hope that he understands that I am not that fast to have these feelings.


  1. He loves you? How long have you known this guy? Like a week or two? That seems very fast.

  2. You need to be careful but not so much so that you lose an opportunity to gain a loving companion by by being too reluctant to take a chance.

  3. I agree with RB. Tread carefully and good luck.

  4. 2AM!! I can't believe you two got up and went to work the next day. Go you!