Saturday, June 15, 2013

My first night at SL's and how his toothbrush found its way in my bathroom

Before going further in my story with MC, I have to finish the story with SL. 

To sum up what I have already written about him (gee my blog is getting so unchronological, even I had a hard time to re-do the chronolgy of what I wrote about him) ; here is a small recap:

Saturday morning: I start chatting with him on dating site
Saturday evening: we have dinner and go see a movie
Sunday morning: we chat again
Sunday evening: he comes at my house and we chat a long time.  He leaves and I wonder if I made enough to make him like me.  While on the road, he texts me and I know he is still interested.
Monday evening: I go at his place and intend to sleep there.
Monday night: still to cover (in this post!!)
Wednesday evening and night: still to cover (in this post)
Thursday morning: he leaves his toothbrush at my place.
Following 2 weeks: still to cover (in next post)
The Tuesday after that: realization that it won't work with him (the post "Sometimes)

OK, so since it was a while back, unfortunately I may forget a few interesting parts,but you will get the picture!.

My first night at SL's

I had arrived there quite late, between 9 and 10.  We watched a bit of a hockey game.  After that we watched a stupid TV show and we were watching it laying cuddling one behind the other on his couch. It was actually the first time we had got closer so it was real nice.  When we got to bed, we were kinda exploring each other's upper buddy (we didn't go down the waist) and it was nice as well.  I don't think we kissed. I told him that I was shy to kiss and he said it was the same for him.  It had been a few months since I had cuddled like that and it was nice to do it again.  Needless to say I didn't sleep a lot that night!  His bed was not super comfortable, I was sleeping at a new place, beside a super hot guy, so no, I couldn't find sleep LOL.

The next morning, we were both awake before the alarm clock rang, so he took that opportunity to caress each other again.  I think he onced put his hand on my package very quickly, but I didn't do the same!  When the alarm rang, I couldn't get up immediately because I didn't want him to see how excited I was hahahah.  But it turns out that he never stopped caressing me so it never got any smaller....  at one point I really had to get up so I try to hide it but I'm pretty sure he saw it anyways.  I prepared to leave and I think we simply hugged when I left.  I had 1h15 of road to do before arriving home , shower and have breakfast and then go to work, but it was all worth it.

The toothbrush

I dont remember if it was Tuesday evening or early wednesday evening that SL told me he would come see me again.  He was saying that since I had done all that road on a weeknight for him, he should do the same.  And lucky him he started work around 11 the next morning so he had a nice buffer.

I dont remember much from that evening.  We watched again the same stupid shows while cuddling.  Then we went to bed.  This time, he started exploring a bit further down on me.  Politeness obliges, I did the same :)  At one point, I was having his "apparatus" in my hand and it seemed odd to me.  I asked: "Are you cut?" He said yes.  It was the first time I was touching that LOL (Not that I have touched many... I guess only 2: mine and Flyman's prior to that and we are but uncut).  We didn't really do much more than touching and caressing that night.  We then agreed to sleep, but I didn't sleep a lot that time either!

Next morning, we were both awake early and we continued out play from the night before...  I'm blushing for what I'm going to write next, but anyways....  We were wanking each other out and I made him blow.  First time that this happened to me.  I had not succeded doing that with Flyman.  I have to admit I was really happy about it!  Unforatunately once that done, he lost interest in continuing for my own pleasure, so it ended there.  I took my shower and when I came out of the bathroom, he only wanted to brush his teeth and pee before leaving. So I let him do his stuff and then he left.

Its only when I was brushing my teeth later that morning that I spotted his toothbrush in my toothbrush holder.  I couldn't help but smile and think that things were getting interesting!!

I didn't focus on this in this post, but during these dates, we continued having a great time together and getting along very well.  We shared a common sense of humor and I definitely felt closer to him averytime we would meet or chat.


  1. I'm sorry, come again? He wasn't interested in doing more after he got off? That's not very nice!

    1. Sadly, some guys are assholes like that.

    2. Talk about rubbing people the wrong way.


    3. My husband wouldn't be getting much "rubbing" if he did that. Lol

    4. Guys, lets calm down! lol. sure it was disappointing, but if he was to do that again i would have expressed my disappointment and frustration. But I didn't see the need to be mad because of that.

    5. I wasn't aware any of us weren't calm. Granted, i don't know the minds of Shell or jw....;)