Monday, June 10, 2013

Surprise after the third date!

Thursday afternnon, I was at work and during a break, I went to see my facebook.

To my surprise, MC had written something very personal on his page.

He wrote a love letter to me, but not mentionning my name, for all of his friends to see what was happening in his life.

He went into a lot of detail, explaining what we did in our first 3 dates and how he feels about me and why he loves me.

Sure, it is nice to know all that, but I was relly shocked, but not necessarily in a bad way.  He confirmed in his post that he does like me, that it is true and that he hopes we will build something together.

Luckily he didn't tag me or I would have been embarassed lol.  But I guess it's OK.  I'm not really afraid of his feelings even if I don't have them for him.  I just hope that he can understand that and that it won't be a problem in the short term.  I simply want to continue seeing him and go out together and also be more intimate.  But I don't want to rush anything. As always I want to go with the flow.  But I hink he is ok with that!  I guess he is just much more of a " fast lover " and likes to share with his friends all what is happening in his life ( while I prefer to do it on an anonymous blog hahaha)

Stay tuned for the next date on Saturday evening and Sunday.


  1. Ah he sounds a bit like me...when I met dutchie I told almost everyone about him hahaha, even shared photos of him with my friends :/

  2. If things are meant to be, everything will work out, no matter how fast or slow you move. That said, moving more slowly makes a lot of sense. Moving too fast can be overwhelming. Why not savor the time together and let things progress naturally?

    My ex suggested that we take things one day at a time. I did as he said, but only because he asked. In retrospect it was a great approach. Because I didn't know what the next day would bring, I stayed focused on him and us in the present, not starry-eyed dreams of the future.

  3. I wouldn't feel comfortable with details of the early stages of my dating relationship posted on Facebook. This combined with his declaration of love for you after the second date seems to me a bit ... Odd? Obsessive? Needy?

    I'm sorry for being a bit negative here but that's what I think. Please take care of your heart, sweet man!

  4. Again, as I said in my comment to your last post, JF, I wish you the best with MC, but tread carefully. I agree with BB's remarks.

  5. I don't know, JF. I do agree with Susan and BB, but at the same time I'm pretty sure I loved my husband the day I met him and almost ten years later I still do. Good luck, my friend!