Saturday, June 1, 2013

My ovaries!

Ok, first of all no I am not going to change sex and I have always been a guy :).  My ovaries refer to the thing in my body ( or mind) that decides to arouse me when I am not sexually stimulated.

Hmmm whaaaatttt!?!? hahaha

I came up with that expression the first time I got excited by someone but not sexually.  I was so surprised when it happened that I came up with it LOL.  I shared a few of these moments with a few of my online friends and they thought I was funny so I continued with it ;)

How des it happen?  When a guy is nice to me.  For example, it just happened a few minutes  ago when I was chatting with a new prospect on the dating site and he said I was cute and that he liked my profile.  I got hard. (sorry if I'm too straightforward LOL).  It also happened when I was chatting the first day with SL.  We were just planning our meeting at the movie theatre when I realized I was hard.... 

I guess most guys (and maybe some girls too) are thinking " Are you kidding me?? you just found that out recently!?"  Well, yes! haha.  It's another positive aspect of my journey going forward I suppose!!

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