Monday, June 24, 2013

Preparing for the 4th date with MC

We can now go back to my history with MC, and you will see why I meeded to talk about SL before continuing the story.

So if you remember, I had invited MC for dinner on a wednesday night and he had stayed again for the night.  We had planned our next date as follow: he would come at my place on Saturday evening after an event he had to attend.  He would sleep at my place and the next day we would take part together in a walk for sick kids.

I was thinking that things could go a little further that night.  So I went to the drugstore, to purchase massaging oil, lube and condoms.  I had flashes of posts by Matt and Brad about buying lube or about going to buy something for the first time.  It made me smile! I had actually already bought condoms before ( to test how to use them!) but it was easy to hise them along with other items.  This time I was only buying "sex items" , so I felt awkward!!  It went really well actually, but thank God I didn't meet anyone I know!!!

After that, I waited patiently at home.  During the evening he actually texted me to tell me that the event would last much longer than he had expected and that he would arrive late.

In the meantime, I got to chat with SL on skype again.  I don't really remember how it came to it, but he told me that he had been indeed hurt after the few dates we had together.  So far, it was no surprise for me, because he had already told me so.  But, he added that he was still hurt.  When I read these words, I felt hurt by it.  I didn't expect him to be hurt again and I was sad for him.  I also realized a few days later that maybe I had some kind of feelings for him and that is why it hurt me.  On the moment, I felt confused by it and I didn't know how I would deal with it.


  1. Are most massage oils water based now? I was going to post a reminder that oils break down condoms and there'd be nothing to ruin a nice massage and lovemaking session than a condom issue), but thought to do a google search first, and the first three examples of massage oils I get are all water-based. Which is good, as it means it may not be a concern!

    I may need to re-read your posts. I'm a bit confused why SL is hurt when I thought he was the one that decided the distance was an unresolvable issue for the two of you.

  2. Yes I did think that it shouldn't be oil-based.... after purchasing it. Since It was not clearly identified on the bottle, I thought that it may be dangerous, so just considered either not massaging the intimate parts with the oil and if it was done, probably just not consider intercourse for the rest of the night. But your message got me curious, so I checked on their website and it says that it is waterbased. (on the bottle, the first ingredient is "aqua", so can I always consider it safe with condoms?? Also I checked a few reviews of the product I bought and all the comments are negative!! So I guess I'll have to put more energy into finding a good massaging oil!

    I'm really sorry, I know my stroy telling is confusing :(.
    SL is the one who began to be hurt by the distance, so before he got hurt too much, he decided to end it. I was not at this point yet. I was just beginning to feel really good around him. yes, I did miss him at times, but it was not painful for me when I was not around him.